January 29th the 3rd Annual End of year Awards Banquet was held at Rumble Seats Bar and Grill in Chicopee, Ma.  At this time we like to thank those that rode for Overhaul during the previous season, welcome back existing riders and introduce the newest members of the team.


Massachusetts State Team Series:
The 2016 season had a lot of ups and downs yet as a whole we didn’t finish to badly.
The team finished in 4th spot out of 8 team by just missing the podium by several points.

Northeast Gold Cup Series:
We entered every Gold Cup we attended and our performance was staggering. Overhaul came home on top of the podium 3 out of the 5 events and only lost the other spot by a stagger 5points or less. The most significant win was at Woodland BMX’s Gup Cup event where 15 plus team entered the completion. Since the Gold Cup doesn’t tally trophy teams results during season and final we feel that we would be if they did Overhaul would be one of the elite northeast team to beat.

Overhaul Family Growing:
At this time I like welcome  the newest members to the Overhaul Family, Logan, Demerski, Nick Cernak, Zach Cernak, Ben Machink,  Hayden McDonald, Kelly Mann-Theologou and Steve Healey.


Greg Hill and the Crew from 2016 Speed Seminars, Falcon BMX

Greg Hill and the Crew from 2016 Speed Seminars, Falcon BMX

In July Overhaul in association with Falcon BMX had the pleasure bringing GHP’s Greg Hill back to the Northeast for it first Speed seminar Clinic in years. Greg brought his years of experience an provide a jam packed two day knowledge fest where not only where our minds tested our bodies where pushed to the limits enabling us to take the next step in training/racing.

Gold Cup Finals:

Well is was another year of rain and excess mud… But never the less we know how to have fun in the mud and congratulations to all the rider that didn’t let it stop them from obtain there goal of a top 3 finish.

Rider of the Year:

Each year Overhaul selects one rider whom has shown dedication on and off the track. Not just showing up to races but whom has given back to the team. A rider whom had excelled in sportsman ship, excelled in increments on the track and mostly a valued team player.This years recipient is none other than Cliff Benoit.Congratulations, Cliff you earned it!

Special Thanks goes out to several people whom are behind the scenes and a couple whom took on new responsibilities.

Rick Marceau –  Rick  joined Overhaul for the 2016 season, but he is no where new to the scene. Rick brought his 30+ years of experience and began to take riders under his wing along with helping with other management roles enabling us to place as good as we did throughout the year.

Jen Benoit –  Jen on and off the track has a way of capturing the moment weather its black/white or in color. She is always there to capture team moments for us to remember for years to come.
Sarah Moggio – She not just another BMX mom but the team cook. Sarah planned meals and constant cooking allowed our riders to stay nourished no matter if it was a weekly/club, State or Gold Cup venue.
Becky Giroux – Becky Spear headed the 4th of July parade,Pittsfield, MA 4th of July Parade. This event was no small feet and went supper smooth from the parade to all the festivities she planned afterwards.
Steve Scibelli –  Steve has been the assistant any team owner would love to have. From spreadsheet of roster/plate number to team sheets tracking. Steve not only races in 3 different states each weekend he also finds the time to announce at several tracks while representing Overhaul proudly.
As the 2016 season closes here at Overhaul would like to thank Greg Hill at GHP BMX, Ryan Birk at Answer BMX, Justin at J&R Bicycles, John Webber at Vee Tire Co. and Rich and Brian Tayor at TM Design Solutions inc. Thank you for taking the chance and believing in Overhaul Racing, as your support  has meant everything to the growth of the team.

If this is what 2016 looked like and can’t wait to see what 2017 bring us!



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