Nickname:  Kids call me fast fart…
To Old
41-45 Novice
Joined OHR: 
Years Riding: Seven years when younger and have been back behind the bars for about two years.

What got you into sport of BMX?

Started after watching the movie RAD.

 What size bike do you race on and class?

20″ Speedco M2 Alloy Pro-XL

What was your most memorable race?

Most memorable was 1995 State championship finale.

What was your most memorable win?

I’ve lost track of how many wins but favorite had to be my first since coming back to racing and right after my son was sidelined for the year due to injury. I told him I was going to win for him.

Where do you see yourself going this year?

Well I hope to get a Gold Cup plate and number one in State.

Who do you see as your most influential rider?

My most influential rider when I was younger was Gary Ellis. Now it’s my son. I hope we all influence each other.

Outside of BMX what career do you see yourself pursuing?

Well as for a career I was going to be a circus clown but I got kicked out.

With BMX taking up most of you time, do you have any other hobbies you pursue?

I’m involved in quite a few things. Anything that goes fast, and faster. I’m very active as a Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts.

Any shout outs? 

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