Steve Scibelli

Nickname:  Stone Cold
Age:  31
Class: 28-35 Expert & 31-35 Cruiser
Hometown:  Southwick, MA
Joined OHR: 2013
Years Riding:  15+ (ages 9-17, 25-30+)

What got you into sport of BMX?  My brother got into it when I was 8 and I watched him once and wanted to try it.

What size bike do you race on and class?  Primarily 20” Expert.  I also occasionally race 24” Cruiser.

What was your most memorable race?  My memory is not too good, so I’ll have to go with my last race which was the 2015 Gold Cup East finals (doubleheader).  In the first set I crashed and injured my wrist.  I could barely hold on to the handlebars but in the second set it was transfer or go home empty handed.  I got off to a bad start of course in the last qualifying round but kept eyeing the rider in front of me and inching closer.  At the finish line I lunged forward as hard as I could and managed to transfer out by mere centimeters with photo scoring assistance confirming this.

What was your most memorable win?  Once again my memory is failing me and I also don’t win too often, but I am going to go with my 20th Intermediate class win in May 2014.  I was racing two others (in total points) and one of the riders was listed as novice.  However once he beat me in the first round I knew that he was no novice, more than likely a former NBL expert who had stepped away from BMX for a while and ABA/USABMX did not have him in their computers.  It took a lot of effort but I managed to beat him the next two rounds, and after the final round it felt very surreal once it sunk in that I was now an expert.

Where do you see yourself going this year?  Well, uniquely I am coming off of neck surgery; something that I have never experienced before.  I also have never experienced pain-free riding during my adult BMX career since I came back at age 25, having injured by neck two and a half years prior to that.  My goals are to train harder now that I able to and simply improve on my performances from last year.  I don’t expect to instantly get better overnight, but if I can put in the hard work a lot more will be possible.

Who do you see as your most influential rider?  Since returning at age 25, John Ouellette helped me a lot early on and Rick Marceau has also influenced me a lot in the last few years.  As luck would have it, both are now my teammates so I am fortunate for that.

Outside of BMX what career do you see yourself pursuing?  I’m an Accountant (lol).  I am also involved in my father’s two businesses.

With BMX taking up most of you time, do you have any other hobbies you pursue?  Not usually.  Between BMX, my full-time job, helping with my family’s businesses, and studying, there is very little free time in my life.  I still enjoy baseball somewhat and occasionally fill in on my brother’s teams.  I’m also interested in getting back into rec. center floor hockey during the winter.

Any shoutouts?  That’s not really my thing, so I’ll just say this: “When you’re racing BMX, don’t forget to bring a towel!”

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