Friday Night

Mother nature has just been brutal up here this season and it just continues from one week to another. The team gathered and anticipation of here the sounds of the gates drop built so did Mother Natures tease. After a re-post of the rounds she starting to sprinkle but that was not going to deter anyone. As the gates were beginning to drop for the first round she unleashed her fury. With the amount of rain coming down another another Friday night became a disappointment as Whip City had to postpone the race to further date.


The most beautiful day of the weekend as multiple riders took of advantage of this opportunity.Kingston point was holding their gold cup qualifier and Scott and Chris Gonyer both made the trip out. Chris qualified in the first round for the main. It was close racing as Chris and the 3rd place rider battled for the entire track but was  able to slingshot past the rider on the last straight to be able to claim the last spot on the podium.
Scott had a heart pounding qualifier and he was just able to take the last spot be inches and that was all he needed to go into the main. From the drop of the gate Scott took off and didn’t look back as he took the win.

Dylan and Victor Rodriguez , Noah Rushford, and Cole Charette all took the opportunity to hit up Falcon bmx again. Dylan encountered some mechanical issues with this 20 during practice and ended up just running his cruiser for the night. Victor was the old man with out a class. It became a father-son match all night long in cruiser with Dylan and Vic making the main but Dylan beating the old man in the main. Dylan to solid 2nd while Vic rounded out the podium with 3rd.

Noah Rushford went into Saturday night with nine wins and obtained his tenth win saying goodbye to the novice class and become overhaul’s newest intermediate rider.


USA BMX’s Newest Inter!











Cole Charette went to falcon hoping for a repeat of last week but the track had something else in store for him. During practice Cole decided to get some air but that was his last decision for the night. Landing on his front wheel Cole flipped and encounter a landing he hadn’t planned on breaking his collar bone.


All Smiles!


Something just doesn’t look right Doc..












With 6-7 Week recovery time Cole show be back on the track just as the season is beginning to heat up.


With anywhere from 50% to 100% rain, tracks where watching the radar as if it was the last episode of Game of Thrones. Wakefield BMX, Wakefield,MA saw the opening in the showers and was able to get the racing off. Tyler Cortis made the venture out to Wakefield for a quick afternoon of racing. Tyler doubled down and brought out the cruiser to help dust off the cobwebs and build a class for the older riders. In the end Tyler hunkered down and took the win in class before the showers hit.






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  1. What a great write up. Congrats Noah for the inter transfer. We are very proud of you!! Cole is in good spirits for the most part however he is very upset for the down time. I encourage all of the riders to invest in a collar/neck protection gear piece. Better safe than sorry. Cole will be at his local track to support his team mates and all of his buddies.

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